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Animal Ridders

Is the scurrying in your attic or basement keeping you awake at night?  Has your beautifully treated lawn been scarred by curious claws and burrowing varmints?  Safely extract unwelcome animal visitors from your property with the experienced service provided by Animal Ridders.

Now that they're gone, it is time to fix the damage your visitors did.

Animals get creative when making your home theirs, gnawing through wood to get into the attic, digging under foundations, and even tearing through screens.  Our professionals restore your home, remove dead animals, and clear nesting materials with quality repairs backed by a 1 year warranty.

Prevent return visits from the animal kingdom.

After trapping the animals, removing them, and repairing your home, it is time to set up preventative measures to keep them from returning.  Chimney caps will keep the racoons and birds from nesting in your chimney, while screening your attic, dryer, and bathroom vents protect easy points of entry into your home.

Learn more about Animal Ridders:

  • Animal Removal - Humane animal removal from your home or property that relocates animals to a more suitable habitat
  • Newsletter - Stay up to date with our latest information and enjoy some of our previous adventures on the job

Animals are cute when you watch them on TV, but the damage they do when they choose your home as their own certainly isn't.  Call Animal Ridders today at 502-423-0461 or fill out our contact form for your FREE consultation.  We are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

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